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We are a small hobby breeder specializing in chihuahuas for over 40 years. We breed our chihuahuas for a bubbly, outgoing personality and a sound body and mind. We are located in the small town of Bristol, right on the borders of Virginia and Tennessee. Below is an index of all of our pages. Please check out our "About Me" page if you have any questions about us or contact me at the link below.
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A variety of Chihuahua gifts and merchandise including T-shirts, mugs, buttons, magnets, bumper stickers, and much More!

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The Chihuahua Breed Standard

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Buyer Beware: Words of Caution
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Notice: Our Primary email address was previously ahkennel@aol.com, which we have used continuously for many years. However, due to a huge amount of complaints of people having difficulties in emailing AOL accounts, and difficulties in us responding to emails through aol, we have chosen to move to Gmail as our primary email account. We will continue checking and replying to our AOL mail, but we are trying to move to a more reliable email provider. If you have previously emailed us at our AOL address and we did not respond within a few days time, please send your letter to our new email address at ahkennel@gmail.com.



Animal Haus Chihuahuas is not in any way affiliated with the many similar named organizations or companies on the internet. These include several pet shops and another chihuahua breeder, as well as a new rescue group located in Florida. We do not know these people nor do we have any connection to them. We have had the name of Animal Haus for over 40 years, a claim that many of these similar named companies cannot make. When making any correspondences with us, make sure that you are dealing with Robin Colley of Animal Haus Chihuahuas in Virginia and that you have found our website address: AHKennel.NET or AnimalHausChihuahuas.com , not those of the copy-cats (which are "coincidentally" very similar). We have also recently acquired AHKennel.COM.

We also do not correspond with any other email address other then the two mentioned above,
ahkennel@aol.com and ahkennel@gmail.com as there is another scam going around where breeders entire advertisements are being stolen and replaced with false contact information. These sites sometimes contain mirror websites that look legitimate, but are not. Please be cautious any time that you are dealing through the Internet, and make sure that all details match up before making a deposit. We also do NOT, nor will we ever, ship our puppies-this scam states that payments must be made in full and puppy will be shipped to you. This scam requires payment in full or in a large portion through Money Gram or Western Union- I have not nor will ever use these services for deposits. We do however do use paypal for deposits, for your convenience, which is a legitimate website and all transactions come with receipts and are easily traceable. Paypal also has security measures to help you from being conned or scammed. I repeat, if you find an advertisement with our information but with a different contact information or requiring alternate forms of payment or payment up front, then it is NOT us. If you run across any similar type scams, please do bring it to our attention so that it can be turned over to the authorities. Most of these scams say that we are located in various states, including the mid-west and Florida. Animal Haus Chihuahuas is located in Virginia, and will continue to be located in Virginia. You can read through our Buyer Beware page for more information on how to spot scams and frauds online. We do reserve the right to deny or refuse an adoption at any time.

The set on this page is © Animal Haus c/o Robin Colley and not to be used, reproduced, or copied in any way, shape, or form! All information found on our site is also not to be used, reproduced, or copied in any way. (Although there are several who have done so without our permission). All information found on our site is strictly the own personal thoughts, personal research, or opinions of Robin Colley.

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