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When I first made my website in November of 1998 I had no idea someone would steal my photos and more. I was just making the website to share the cute photos that I have taken of animals I have raised in the past 26 years! I didn't even think about trying to protect the pictures because I thought people had respect for my copyrights- I guess I was mistaken. Come to find out that (in 1999-2000) a chihuahua breeder formally in Virginia Beach, Virginia but is now residing in North Carolina near the Suffolk area on the North Carolina/Virginia border. She is advertising that she is located in numerous different locations in the North Carolina- coast area--(our homepage provider has asked me to remove this mystery person's name)-- This person has stolen my photo and was trying to pass it off as a puppy from her breeding! This information came to me from a perspective buyer. I have no idea how many photos she or anyone else has stolen but this is why I have placed a script on every page in my site-to keep people like this from further stealing my material. I know I'm not the only person who would like to keep my own photos from being stolen so I have posted this script for you to use to protect your own website with. All you have to do is copy it from here and paste it into your site HTML. This will keep people from right clicking on your site and stealing your photos or graphics.


The same breeder who stole photos of my dogs is now taken up stealing my identity. She is falsifying pedigrees by adding my kennel name to dogs not bred by me to further promote her own puppies. This person has also been known to add Champion (CH) status to dog's in her pedigree that have never been shown and/or never made their titles, to make her puppies look better. It really is sad how people try so hard to be deceptive.

The stealing of original graphics or photos IS a copyright violation, whether the page states a copyright notice or not. Copyright infringement is in violation of many state and federal laws.

If you would like more information on copyrights and copyright infringement, or more information on how to protect your rights, please visit the links at the bottom of this page

The first photo that was stolen was of Foxy, he was a little 2 ½ pound male that I bred and raised over 20 years ago! I have 2 other photos of this dog that this deceptive breeder cannot claim. This deceptive breeder is claiming that Foxy is a son of her stud dog- which is about a fourth of the age of Foxy- I find this a little hard to believe.

Below is the photo of Foxy that was STOLEN from my website ('99-'00), I do not know how many others were stolen :-(

Here is a photo of this picture on my bulletin board- further proof that I have the original. You will recognize many of the photos on my bulletin board as photos that are also in other places on my website. You will also see another photo of Foxy on my bulletin board (top, left hand corner- he is laying on a bed peeking at the camera) along with the photo that was stolen. There is also another photo of Foxy in a patch of clover, this photo is not on my bulletin board but is on our website.

Anyone who questions this happening about this deceptive breeder or if you want more information on how to protect yourself against Copyright Violations, feel free to write me.

Click here to get the HTML code

**Where is says "enter your message here" you need to put a message- such as "stealing graphics is not allowed" or "right click disabled" or add a little humor such as "I know I'm cute but don't steal my picture!" (said from the animal's point of view)-- Be creative and make it personal if you wish. Whatever you do is up to you.**


Unfortuneately, yet another of my photos has been STOLEN. This one is of Tinker. This was by a different person, this one being in New York. While surfing the net, it was found that someone had STOLEN Tinker's photo and began using it in an ad for "their" dog for sale.

This photo is of Tinker while he was still at my home. The photo was taken in my house and the hands holding Tinker in the photo belong to my daughter.

What has the world come to? I find it quite disgusting that people just go around STEALING my photos and using them as their own. We notified Excite of this illegal use of copyrighted material but so far they have done nothing. We tried calling the phone number on the ad but it is a Doctor's office's answering machine. So far there has been no response from this person through email either. The illegal use of my photo is being used on Classifieds 2000/Excite classified ads.

Update: A few days later we got a letter from Excite classifieds saying the ad had been removed. We never received an answer from the person who made the ad.



Once again someone else decided to steal yet another one of my photos, even though we have taken every precaution to protect them. Obviously, there is always a theif born every day. This photo was not only illegally posted but was also renamed. This photo was taken in September of 2000 and posted on my site. Later I cropped it and added the copyright information and reposted it that same year on my All Dressed Up page, where it has been ever since. I really don't mind sharing any of my photos but people like this are the one's that form my opinions and keep me from sharing my really good photos on the net. They should at least ask permission before stealing anyone's copyrighted material. Somehow this image was stolen even before I cropped it and added my copyright information on the image. This is posted on our "All dressed up" page. You can see the theft at the following website address:


So if you see this image floating around the net, please remember that is it ©Animal Haus Kennel c/o Robin Colley.


I found the script at

Also, If you would like more information on copyrights and copyright infringement, or more information on how to protect your rights, please visit the following informational sites.

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Let this be a warning for buyers to beware on the internet as not everything may be as it seems.
Unfortunantly, there's a con or fraud born everyday and the best we can do is to educate about it.
You may also want to check our "Buyer Beware: How to Spot Frauds and Irreputable People on the Net" page for more information about how to spot irreputable people on the net.