Preparing for your puppy and Traveling with your pet


We recommend that you plan your route ahead of time and check road conditions in the areas you plan on traveling through. You can check on current road conditions and road construction zones in the state of Virginia and the state of Tennessee. To get information on road conditions for other states, please visit and then find the states that you are interested in. You also would want to check with the weather forecast in the areas you plan on traveling through. This can be done at

Also, if you are planning to stay at a hotel on your trip, check to see if the hotel allows pets. This can be done for chains in Virginia, Tennessee, and other states

We suggest setting up an appointment to visit with us at a time that is convenient for everyone. This is my home so it is not always convenient for company. I do try to enjoy some family time, so we do ask that you try to avoid Sunday visits unless other arrangements cannot be made. Sunday is my day for worship and time with my family, and I prefer not doing business on Sundays. We also suggest that your visits be after 10 a.m. and before 9 p.m. Running a farm has many chores and a lot must be done in the mornings to make sure all of my babies have what they need to start the day. I can rearrange the rest of my daily schedule to your convenience. We are not a pet shop nor a store and we do not have set hours for the public, but we will try to work with you on a time that is convenient for everyone to see our puppies.

Before you leave your house, check to see if you have forgotten any items you may need for the road. This list may help you be prepared.

There are many things a puppy needs once he or she get to your house. It is best to be prepared, just like you would prepare for a child. Below is a list of items that may help you get prepared.

Once you get your puppy home, there are still things that need to be done such as:

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