Chihuahua Library and Reference Materials

This is a listing of the some of the books in the extensive chihuahua book and reference material library of Animal Haus. In going through our books we have found that we have several duplicate chihuahua books, many of which would be an asset to the collections of a chihuahua breeder, chihuahua fancier, or chihuahua collector. At this time, there are several different books available privately through this website. Keep checking back, we will be adding more information & references to this page in later updates.

Our Current Chihuahua Library Extras Available For Sale:

The Chihuahua by Anna Katherine Nicholas

Printed in 1988 by T.F.H. Publications. This book has a wonderful wealth of knowledge and hundreds of full color and dog identified photographs of the ancestors of the dogs of today. This book is IN GREAT CONDITION! It is like new. It has the original T.F.H. marked Dust Jacket. This book has crisp clean pages, No marks, tears or scratches in the book. This is NOT a library copy. It has very minor shelfwear to the Dust Jacket and the back of the dust jacket has a small thumbsize price tag. This book is uncommon, and a great asset to researching the chihuahua breed and dogs of today. This book should be in every chihuahua breeders collection. Our extra copy of this book is available for purchase privately through Paypal by clicking the Buy now button below.

The Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia by Hilary Harmar

Printed in 1972, this is a 1st Edition printing that was actually printed in Great Britain! This book was Printed by John Bartholemew & Son of Edinborough (the US printed version was printed by Arco Publishing in New York in the same year but after this book's release in Britain). This book is in great condition!! This is NOT a library copy. The text is near perfect, no torn ripped or folded pages and no markings. There is slight shelf wear on the cover/corners. There is no dust jacket. This book is a GREAT reference for Chihuahua Breeders & Fanciers, and has tons of illustrations of type and conformation, and 373 Pages of information from a very well respected breeder/exhibitor/author. This book is one of the most valuable resources for a Chihuahua breeder, and should be in every breeders collection. It is also very rare to find an original Great Britain printed edition of The Complete Chihuahua Encyclopedia in the United States! Our extra copy of this book has already been purchased.

The Chihuahua by Russell E. Kauffman

Printed in 1959 this book is of the 2nd Edition printing. The Pages are in great condition. There is Slight wear on the cover, but nothing more then what is expected for the age (this book is nearly 50 years old!) There is a previous owner inscription inside front cover, and some discoloration on inside of the Front & Back cover, but these do not harm the textual content of this book. This copy does not have a Dust Jacket. For any breeder or fancier wanting to look into the history of the breed, this is a must have as one of the older breed specific books. This book goes into details about the original lines of chihuahuas from the early 1900's that were the foundation of our breed today. Our extra copy of this book has already been purchased.



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